-Diverse-Maps'n Trails
Well structured link collection to free vector and raster maps.
CDs and DVDs from different regions in Austria, Italy, on the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands.


-Diverse-Austrian Map (Amap)
Austria as a digital map - online and on DVD


-Diverse-Militärische Topo Maps von Ex-Jugoslawien
Individual sheets in the scale 1:25 ' 000, as well as maps


-Diverse-IGN - Institut Géographique National
Various digital cards (photo, topo, 3D, vector, ancient times).
2D and 3D-Digitalkarten/photo cards for all Departaments


-Diverse-Magic Maps
DVD series in the scale 1:25 ' 000 with 3D view
-Diverse-Top 50
14-teilige CD-ROM series of the German land surveying Office.


-Diverse-Freie GPS Vektor-Karten für Griechenland
Topo/road map for Garmin GPS devices, routing.


Hungarian tourist card project


-Diverse-Topokarte von Italien für Garmin Geräte
free topographic map of Italy with height cutting line all 100, 50 or 20 m. Map is transparent, i.e. can be considered together with E.g. city select. Height cutting line are quite accurate.
LiguriaCartografia Regione Liguria
Raster maps (Topo, Ortho, satellite, tourism) of the region of Liguria in the 25 ' 000/50' 000 scale (tif-and ewc-format).
Trentino-Alto AdigeVektorkarte Garda Lessinia
Vector map for the Lake Garda area in IMG format for free download.
Trentino-Alto AdigeTopografische Karte Südtirol
Free, professionally prepared vector map for MapSource


-Diverse-Swiss Map
CDs and DVDs with 25, 50 and 100' 000 maps of the Federal Office of topography. Very good quality and in part with satellite and aerial images.
-Diverse-Geoportal des Schweizer Bundes
A platform for geo-localized information, data and services. Maps, 1:25000 (http://map.geo.admin.ch/) with div overlay's such as hiking trails, etc. Linked - and publishable.
-Diverse-MagicMaps Schweiz
Topographic maps in 3D for cyclists, hikers, with GPS - ideal for the tour.