Weather page from the United States with worldwide local predictions and lots of useful information.
Europe weather radar, with 24-hour playback function.


Eastern AlpsMeteo Alpin | Alpenwetter
Four day forecast from Salzburg to Veneto in German, Italian and English


Scarce but sufficient Austria weather report with some specials such as mountain weather and 6-day forecast
-Diverse-Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)
Detailed weather reports and weather reports in a clear form. Also world weather.


-Diverse-Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)
Detailed weather forecast for the day, in the short term (up to 3 days) and medium term (up to 10 days)
German weather service forecasts for very many places with a lot of additional information related to the weather.


Trentino-Alto AdigeGardameteo.com
Garda Lake weather five day forecast
Trentino-Alto AdigeMeteotrentino
Weather forecast for the northern region of Lake Garda
Trentino-Alto AdigeHydrographisches Amt Bozen-Südtirol
Including mountain weather and Lake Garda - Eastern alpine weather


Clear aufgmachte site of the Federal Office of meteorology and climatology. Weather weather pictures (radar, satellite, camera).
-Diverse-Meteo Search
Good overview for local weather with the day temperature gradient. Precipitation - preview / radar, satellite images, isobars available. Meteorological data are provided by MeteoSwiss.
Always current weather service by Jörg Kachelmann. With clouds precipitation-movie, weather radar. Similarly dense network of weather stations available, etc.
Original project of the University of Basel, for high resolution NMM weather model temperature, flow visualizations. Focus Switzerland - North/South America, Europe and Africa models available
-Diverse-SF METEO
Beautifully illustrated weather page of Swiss television


Mediterranean regionAlanya Weather Forecast
Three-day weather forecast for Alanya